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  • Louise Gorday

Stopping by the Blog on an Unsnowy Day

Happy January! We're in the dead of winter in Maryland. No snow so far, but I have my fingers crossed, and I'm wearing my pajamas inside out.

I hope all of you have managed to hunker down effectively and avoid the ravages of COVID. My fantasy right now is to be able to sit on a beach somewhere and not fear for my health. Maybe before I'm old and gray, right? Until then, my days will be filled with long walks, talking to the dogs, and slaving away on the next novel. I might end up killing Santa Claus in this one. Or maybe not.

I have another promotion for free e-books in the historical fiction genre. There are 28 great books here. Take a peek at the covers and descriptions and download away! Promotion runs from January 18th to the 31st.

A few quick thoughts on The Clockwise Carousel which is my featured book. It's set in 1901 with the building of a railroad to the western shore of Maryland and the opening of an amusement park at the terminus. This was a fairly common occurrence around 1900. Coney Island in New York is a good example. The fictional town in the story, Nevis, is based on the actual town of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland which is just down the road from me. The carousel in the story is an accurate description of the carousel that ran in a counterclockwise direction (like all American carousels) in Chesapeake Beach. And why does the fictional carousel turn clockwise? Ah, there'd be the rub.

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