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  • Louise Gorday

So much has happened . . .

The most exciting event in 2022 has been my nomination as a finalist in Poe Baltimore's Saturday 'Visiter' Awards for my novel Edgar and the Flyboys. These awards recognize Poe's continuing legacy in the arts and literature around the world, and while I didn't win, I was honored to be a finalist. Attending the awards presentation at a masquerade ball at Poe's burial site at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland, was quite an experience. It was all about masks, and top hats, and period costumes. The hubby and I had quite a time.

Now it's on to other things. Of course, my writing never stops, and I've just published the latest. You'll want to check out The Five-Fingered Elf on my home page. This is a stand-alone book, but many of the characters were introduced earlier in A Slaying Song Tonight.

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