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  • Louise Gorday

How Did I Even End Up Here?

I spent this past weekend selling books at the International Edgar Allan Poe festival in Baltimore--a perfect venue for my recently published Edgar and the Flyboys. It was the experience of a lifetime. How many authors can say that they wrote a book about Edgar Allan Poe and then were allowed to sit right outside the front door of his house and sell it? Blew.My.Mind! I decided to engage in cosplay and went in a full-length, black, Victorian mourning dress. For anyone who knows me well, lol, I'm not exactly the type who likes to be the center of attention, so this was quite a departure for me. I had so much fun, though, that I ended up modeling the attire (albeit offstage) during the program segment about Victorian burials, and posed with four "Edgar Allans" for a picture with my book. What a hoot! I'm expecting to get a copy of that picture, and you can bet I'll post that baby!

My view of the Poe house from my tent:

My table at the event. Unfortunately, I took the picture before I flipped up the top books so one could see the covers. My purpose in posting this picture is to show the 18X24 reproduction of the cover to Edgar and the Flyboys. It looked awesome and drew a lot of attention. I declined an offer to buy from a Poe enthusiast who collects Poe posters, but I was more than happy to let a prowling Washington Post reporter take lots of pictures. Watch this space for more info on whether Edgar ends up in a Post story. Now that might just kill me!

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