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The Car in the Field - Ebook.jpg


In June 1923, private investigator Tatum “Shoe” Shoemaker returns to the bayside town of Nevis, Maryland, to marry his sweetheart, Fannie Byrne.  The last thing he anticipates is the violence that seems to dog his every step. He would prefer to believe the incidents are coincidental, but when someone begins sabotaging Fannie’s wedding plans, he is drawn into a twisting tale of murder, War of 1812 buried treasure, and greed at the highest levels of the town’s government and the town’s elite. With the help of his brother Rudy, and Riley Tanner, the managing editor of the Nevis Evening Star, Shoe scrambles to identify an enemy who won’t stop until he puts Shoe six feet under. 

This story was inspired by an abandoned car in a cornfield in Calvert County, MD. Each year the owner of the field plants a new corn crop around the old, rusting junker. I've often wondered why the car is there. Wondering finally got the best of me and I decided to create a story about it. If you're ever traveling down Route 4 through the county, take a quick look to the left when you reach the Tractor Supply--yes, Calvert County is still beautifully rural--on the right. Said vehicle is down in the field, and it looks like a new corn crop is being planted again in 2024.

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