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Immortal Hamelin Russell has spent 700 years escorting souls into the afterlife—a job he dislikes, struggles to do well, and sometimes fails to do at all.  And then he is offered the prestigious job of running messages to heaven’s gate. Realizing this may be his best chance to redeem himself and receive final judgment, Hamelin vows to become a model employee. His good intentions progressively go awry as he gets emotionally involved in escorting a long-lost love into the afterlife, fails to avoid the machinations of a wayward co-worker, and gets mired in the loose ends left by a mentor. As his troubles spiral out of control, Hamelin begins to doubt that he will ever see what’s on the other side of the pearly gates.

Letter of the Law is now available at Letter of the Law: 9780988576599: Gorday, Louise: Books

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